Congregational Climate Footprint

Kick off our Green Sanctuary Program with this forum on January 20, 2019!



The social justice committee seeks to lead an active local response to the problem of human caused climate change.  Since climate change is primarily caused by our collective individual greenhouse gas emissions, the United Nation’s climate program believes that the world needs to cut emissions in half by 2030, and to a net of zero by 2050.  But to make these reductions, we as individuals need to understand what our individual emissions currently are, and how they compare with the target UN for 2030.  It also means that we need a mechanism to track our progress as we work to reduce them.  All of this requires that we assess our current emissions as a baseline, and then regularly reassess them in order to track our progress.


In early 2017, the social justice committee asked church members to inventory their greenhouse gas.  Early in 2019 we will ask members to inventory their emissions again.  For those who participated in the 2017 inventory, this will be the chance to see how much they have reduced emissions in the past year and a half.  For newcomers to the process, this will provide an emissions baseline they can use to track progress in years to come.


This project will be using the UC Berkeley CoolClimate footprint calculator.  We will hold a congregational workshop on January 20, 2019 to teach members how to use the calculator, and help them work through the survey that is a part of the project.   Social justice committee members will also be available at other times to help members use the calculator.


The Green Sanctuary project will hold workshops in February, March, and April that are designed to help families reduce their greenhouse gas footprint.  Later in the year, the social justice committee will hold discussion sessions on systemic changes our families and our community can make to help arrest climate change, with follow-on activities as appropriate.

Lead: Allen Edwards

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