Home Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation

Thank you for attending this February 10, 2019 forum!

If you missed it, you can listen to Tom’s presentation here:

Through our adult religious education forum series, Tom Piette of the Green Team discussed home energy conservation, water conservation, and incentives to assist in paying for any upgrades. The anticipated outcomes of this forum is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the amount of energy consumed, and to conserve water in our drought-prone area by reducing the amount of household water consumed.

The energy efficiency discussion included incremental no/low cost, moderate cost and major investment measures that a homeowner can take to reduce their energy consumption and save money in the process. The subject matter covered lighting, HVAC systems, shading and passive solar techniques, insulation, appliances and zero net-energy homes.

The water conservation discussion covered high efficiency plumbing fixtures, tankless water heaters, low water usage appliances and modifying family habits; also cover drought tolerant plant species, irrigation efficiency and conversion of lawns to zero-scaping.

Green Team leader for this project: Tom Piette

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