Message From Our Board President

Workshop Wrap-Up—On Sunday October 29, Sarah Schurr from the UUA came to lead a workshop in two parts, Part I with the whole congregation, and Part II with the Board and committee chairs.

Part I:  A History Lesson—The entire congregation was invited to spend time reflecting on the history of SFUU and how past experiences influence our current identity and affect how we approach our next ministry. I am sure that we all responded to the workshop in different ways. I had many take-aways from the meeting, including:

1) The congregation was accustomed to functioning with lots of lay-leaders and fewer responsibilities for a minister due to several years of part-time ministry.

 2) We have had some challenging experiences with calling a minister, which may make some folks anxious about how to move forward.

3) The church has grown slowly but steadily over time, acquiring a building, supporting full-time ministry, hiring paid staff (DRE, music, admin), and adding numerous programs.

4) Folks are grieving the loss of Rev. Lynn and Wendy at differing paces, and this needs to be given care and space.

5) Revs. Lynn and Wendy worked far more hours that one full-time minster possibly could—there will need to be some changes in the expectations we have as a congregation for the next called minister.

Part II: Things Get Racy! (with an R-A-C-I)—After the group workshop, the Board and committee chairs got together with Sarah to discuss communication and accountability.  We learned the pneumonic RACI  -  for each thing the church does,  we need to know:

  Responsible—Who does the task? Can be one or many folks.

  Accountable—Who is in charge of making sure things are done and done right?  Should be one person

                           (“the buck stops here”).

  Consulted—Who needs to be consulted before implementing something?

  Informed—Who needs to know about what is going on?

Turns out, we don’t have many of our important church functions “RACIed,” and that can lead to miscommunication, hurt feelings, and the ball getting dropped. This is something that we hope to apply moving forward and you may be asked to RACI something that you are involved in! Reverend Mike’s interim ministry is a great opportunity to explore and define what various roles should be, and RACI looks like an excellent tool for this.

~Jenny Ferris, Board President


Board of Trustees

SFUU is blessed with strong leaders that make up our board of trustees.  This group, working closely with our ministers, drives the direction and priorities for our church.

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Below you can find important congregational documents

         Annual Report- 2015-16

Financial Reports  

Board Meeting Minutes

         Board of Trustees' Covenant of Right Relations

Congregation's Bylaws

Submit this application to the Board of Trustees if you want to be a delegate to General Assembly or District Assembly by the deadlines given in the newsletter

DA/GA Delegate Application

Our Board of Trustees for 2017-18 are:

President:               Jenny Ferris  (

Vice-President:        Ian Duncan

Secretary:                Andy Cramer

Financial Officer:      Maureen Bauman

Trustees-at-Large:   Jason Laderman-Jones, Sally Knost, and Marsha VonDessoneck

Our Treasurer Linda Snyder acts in a consulting capacity to the board.