Message From Our Board President

Comedic juggler Michael Davis offers the following food for thought:  If a cat always lands on its feet, and buttered toast always lands butter-side down, what happens to a cat with a piece of buttered toast taped to its back?  It makes the mind – and the hypothetical cat – spin. (P.S. - No cats were harmed in the conceiving of this scenario.)

The first week of law school (long, long ago) my classmates and I were told to “get used to living with ambiguity” and that the answer to many legal questions is “it depends.”  Groan. True in the law, and true in life.

Neither I, nor buttered cats I suppose, find this to bea particularly comfortable proposition. Paradox and ambiguity are SFUU’s theme for August.  It will be interesting to hear how this is explored. I will say one thing in favor of the ambiguous and paradoxical – it keeps life interesting!


-  Jenny Ferris


Board of Trustees

SFUU is blessed with strong leaders that make up our board of trustees.  This group, working closely with our ministers, drives the direction and priorities for our church.

Below you can find important congregational documents

         Annual Report- 2015-16

Financial Reports  

Board Meeting Minutes

         Board of Trustees' Covenant of Right Relations

Congregation's Bylaws

Submit this application to the Board of Trustees if you want to be a delegate to General Assembly or District Assembly by the deadlines given in the newsletter

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Our Board of Trustees for 2017-18 are:

President:               Jenny Ferris  (

Vice-President:        Ian Duncan

Secretary:                Andy Cramer

Financial Officer:      Maureen Bauman

Trustees-at-Large:   Jason Laderman-Jones, Sally Knost, and Marsha VonDessoneck

Our Treasurer Linda Snyder acts in a consulting capacity to the board.