Co-ministers' Colloquy


What an amazing journey the last nearly seven years have been serving as your co-ministers. As we prepare to leave SFUU and embark on this next leg of our ministerial journey, we are acknowledging the ‘lasts” and this is our final SFUU Colloquy. We have also been reflecting on how we and the congregation have grown and changed. When we interviewed for this job, a few things were articulated as needsl. Dynamic meaningful worship, 2. To grow and sustain full-time ministry, and 3. To become known in the community. We worked with the Worship Committee, Associates, and Lay worship leaders over the years and SFUU has consistently good worship every Sunday. Average attendance has gone from 60 to 100, and on Easter we had a record-breaking 135. In 2012, SFUU moved to two services. There was a great group of folks who orchestrated that shift, as it impacted lots of people. Many of you have served as worship associates, offered reflections, lit the chalice, shared gifts of music, participated in a story, or led a full service. Such great shared ministry! The interview team had different ideas about what growth might mean. We shared with them that we wouldn’t focus on growth. We would focus on doing church well and that growth might be a side effect of that. SFUU had 90 members in 2010 and has 136 now. But more importantly, we’ve grown spiritually. We’ve witnessed so many of you becoming more healed, more whole, more fully yourselves. You’ve shared your journeys, struggles, and insights with us and we have been blessed. SFUU has also grown into your size, where activities and social justice are more coordinated and clear. There are policies and procedures and a new mission statement that help guide the shared ministry of the congregation. More of you are skilled at non-violent communication. You’ve grown in generosity. You have succeeded in sustaining full-time ministry for seven years! You have supported the growth of staff, programs, and events. You’ve grown in awareness of the district, region, and denomination with which we covenant. Many folks went to Sacramento for District Assembly in 2014 and to Portland, OR for General Assembly in 2015! SFUU has become better known in the community through hosting forums, partnering with other religious leaders, and revamping the MLK celebration to include more community leaders. SFUU has made the news. More of you are willing to tell folks that you go to church and even invite your friends! We have provided a haven in the despair after the election. There is no need to hide your light under a bushel! The community needs you!

In faith, Rev. Wendy and Rev. Lynn