Meet the Ministerial Search Committee

Bill Boyce - Committee Co Chair


Apparently, my wife, Chelle, was seeking community.  I was simply seeking friends.  One night during the Christmas Festival of Lights in Auburn, Chelle quietly noted the solemn, but powerful message of peace presented by the SFUU congregation.  We soon went to our first service - a musical service.  Chelle quickly became a member.  Over the next 5 or so years we kept returning.  Our 4-year-old daughter, Harriet, who has been attending since before she was born wakes up every Sunday excited to go to service.  I only became a member in the last year after much struggle with my Catholic past.  What I came to realize was that over these past few years, SFUU has become our community, our friendship, our childcare, our spiritual and social justice guides, and our home.  I honestly believe that without the SFUU community our lives would be lesser and incomplete.

On the side, Chelle is a Pediatric Dentist and I am Public Defender in Placer County.  Harriet is an avid reader, climber, jumper and all-around soul of awesomeness.  Collectively, we like hiking, water, eating, drinking, games and being around good people.

Amy Evans - Committee Co Chair


I have been attending SFUU since 2005 - it's my first and only UU congregation.  My husband, Ken, and I attend together and raised our now 22 year old twin boys, Jake and Joe,  with the UU values.  I work as a marketing professional at Intel, which keeps me quite busy.  Between travel, camping and music festivals, I have very little time for the gardening and sewing I like to do.  I have been active as both a member of and leader of the communications and worship committee.  I like to help with greeting and welcoming new people.  Worship is my passion though! 

Carol Koons - Committee Treasurer



Rick Marshall - Committee Secretary






Jennifer Warner



Mary Piette



Geoff Smith


 I’m new to UU, first attended Nov 2016 and joined SFUU March 2017.  Before that (1974-early 1990’s) I attended Newcastle United Methodist Church.   I currently serve on the Membership Committee and teach RE once a month. 

I am a retired high school counselor, currently running a small property management business with my husband, Ed.  My parents moved to this area when I was in high school, and I’ve lived here since.  Over the years my husband and I have gradually moved up the hill – Loomis to Newcastle, Ophir and finally Auburn!  I love our friendly, laid back small town and being so close to mountain, city and ocean.  It was a great place to raise our 3 (now adult) kids.

I love to get out and hike the local trails in our American River Canyon, backpack in the Sierras,  sew for my grandchildren, local theater productions and local and international service projects,  and grow tomatoes and flowers in my garden.

My husband Paul Boisvert and I have been UUs since we joined the congregation in San Luis Obispo in 2001. Prior to that, I came from a background in the United Methodist Church.

From San Luis Obispo, we moved to Napa in 2008, continuing my service in county government providing engineering and surveying services in the Public Works departments in each location. We began a “gradual” move to the Sierra foothills in 2014 as we prepared for retirement, which finally became official in 2017.

In the SFUU congregation, I have served as a Worship Associate and provided special music (singing) and have participated in Brewed Awakenings and Non-Violent Communication groups, in addition to my current position on the Ministerial Search Committee.

In the larger UU world, I have served on the Board of Trustees of the UU Justice Ministry (formerly “Legislative Ministry”) as Secretary and then President. In previous UU congregations – in San Luis Obispo, I served on the Membership Committee; and in Napa, I served on the Long-Range Plan Committee and the Intern Committee.

 Paul and I both sing with the Placer Pops Chorale, along with other members of SFUU. In retirement, I have become active in volunteer work with the local hospital, Meals on Wheels and a local homeless outreach organization.

My wife, Nicole, and I  have been UU's and attending SFUU for 10 years. We have 3 children, Abby who is 13 and Becca and Emma who are 10.  I am a kindergarten teacher during the day and chaos coordinator of the girls activities with the left over time.  I have served a couple of terms on the Board of Trustees and have been on the CYRE committee for many years including chairing it in the past. I have been on search and hiring committees in the past.  I am trained to teach OWL for K/1 and 4-6 grades. We live in Lincoln, which is about 30 min. from SFUU. I read for relaxation and enjoy traveling when possible.

My husband Tom and I have belonged to SFUU almost 30 years, since 1989. Our two adult sons were raised in the church’s Religious Education program. Over the years I have served several terms on the Board of Trustees and belonged to and/or chaired a variety of committees, currently Stewardship, Membership, Fundraising, and Ministry Search. I consider myself a depository of the church’s institutional memory.

In my work life (before recent retirement), I was a VP/Operations Manager for a small data processing company that eventually merged with TRW. I segued into working for a company that helped pioneer the audiobook industry and spent 20 years there, primarily merchandising and copywriting. I’m an avid reader (and audiobook listener) and also enjoy cooking, travel, movies, and swimming. 

I’m a native Californian from Fresno who has been in Placer County since 2017.  A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I work for Placer County's Public Health Department as the manager of the Whole Person Care program that provides services to chronically homeless adults.  I was raised unchurched, was a Mormon for several years (including going to BYU and serving a mission in France), and have been a Unitarian Universalist since 1997 when I found the UUs in Syracuse, New York, while attending graduate school.  I have participated in multiple UU congregations in a variety of functions and consider myself an active social justice warrior.

I am the proud father of an adult daughter who recently graduated from nursing school and who is engaged to be married in June, 2019.