SFUU Ministerial Search

Update from the Ministerial Search Committee


      After months of meetings and planning, our new-minister search goes into high gear with two activities designed to gather input from the congregation about who we are and what we need from a religious professional.

      First, we are conducting a special service and workshop on August 26. Conducted by a search specialist from the UUA, this service and workshop will help the congregation to start imagining the possibilities and options we may have with a new minister candidate.

The other major activity is a congregational survey.  Building on the work conducted by the Transition Team earlier this year, the questions will be designed to take us all to a deeper level of discernment in identifying who we are as a congregation, where we are going, and what qualities we need from a new minister to guide us on that journey.

Here’s the big picture on the timing going forward:

¨ Conducting special service/workshop – August 26

¨ Distributing survey, receiving & compiling responses – September-November

¨ Preparing our “Congregational Record” (essentially our job announcement) and posting it to the UUA ministerial search website – by November 30

¨ Reviewing of our announcement and “applying” by ministers – January 2019

¨ Reviewing by MSC of “applications,” checking of references, etc. – January-March

¨ Selecting a candidate and making an initial offer – late March, 2019

¨ Scheduling of “Candidate Week” – April-May

The candidate will preach on Sunday to begin the week; many gatherings will be held during the week for everyone to become acquainted; and a congregational meeting will follow the service on the Sunday at the end of this week to vote on whether to call this minister.

While input is invited from all members and friends of SFUU, only members in good standing may vote on whether to call the minister at the congregational meeting.

Any questions?  Please feel free to talk with any of the MSC members: Bill Boyce, Amy Evans, Carol Koons, Rick Marshall, Mary Piette, Geoff Smith and Jennifer Warner.

~ The Ministerial Search Committee