SFUU Ministerial Search


In the spring of 2017, the ministers serving SFUU accepted a position with another congregation.  That began a two-year transition process which will culminate in calling the next settled minister to support our vision and mission as a congregation.  The process began with hiring Interim Minister, the Rev. Mike Walker, in August 2017.  A successful search and call will result in a new minister starting at SFUU in late summer of 2019.

Transition Team:  As part of the process of moving from one minister to another, Rev. Mike convened a transition team that gathered information on the congregation’s wants, wishes, etc. for SFUU and its new minister.  Those results will be posted to the Transition team page. 

Search Committee:  In February 2018, the congregation approved the formation of a search committee with the following members:  Bill Boyce, Amy Evans, Carol Koons, Rick Marshall, Mary Piette, Geoff Smith, and Jennifer Warner

How it works:  The ministerial search process is detailed and carefully orchestrated with the UUA.  A rough schedule of steps:

July-September 2018:  Conduct and analyze congregational surveys.  This survey will begin with the information gathered by the Transition Team and seek to develop a deeper understanding of what the congregation needs in its next settled ministry.  The survey process may consist of cottage meetings, online survey, or other means of information gathering.

November-December 2018:  Formal information about our congregation, our goals, what we seek in a new minister and what we can offer a minister is made available in the confidential UUA search process website.

January - March 2019:  Search committee holds interviews and meetings with candidates. The process of working with specific ministerial applicants is important to be conducted with a high level of confidentiality, to protect the current ministry of potential candidates as well as to avoid casting aspersions on any applicants which are not selected to move forward with our congregation.

April - May 2019:  Search committee makes an offer to a single minister.  Candidate spends a week at SFUU; congregational vote to “call” this person to be our next settled minister is held.

August 2019:  New minister begins serving SFUU

Communications: The search committee is committed to keeping the congregation apprised of its progress.  With the exception of the necessary confidentiality about specific applicants noted above, it is our intent to be as transparent as possible throughout the process.  We will be publishing updates via the eBeacon, Order of Service, newsletter, and occasional announcements during services.

The search committee looks forward to gathering more information from the congregation in the coming months.  Stay tuned!