Ministerial Search Committee Updates

Another big milestone completed!  The first big step in our process in the search for a new minister is to complete the Congregational Record – our church’s online resume, job description, and organization information all in one.  This year, the UUA added an additional 52 questions for us to answer to provide more details about our congregation.  Our Congregational Record with the supplemental questions went live on December 1. We have posted all this information in the password protected members resources area of this site if you are interested in reviewing it.

The next step: we will begin receiving materials from prospective ministers in January.  Please note – the search process is carefully orchestrated and this upcoming step is extremely confidential.  We are working hard to be transparent and communicate frequently with you.  Thank you for the trust you have placed in the members of the Search Committee as we go through this process.

Survey Response Rate - AWESOME

Thank you to everyone for participating in the congregational survey. We received 108 responses, a return rate of 90% (which is fantastic) the numerical data from the survey is also posted in the members resources area.

Candidating Week – Mark Your Calendar

Candidating week is the most important phase of our ministerial search process.  For 8 days, our ministerial candidate will be with us – leading worship twice, and spending time meeting as many people as possible while also exploring the Auburn area.  Our Candidating week is tentatively schedule for April 28th through May 4th – culminating in the final vote to call on Sunday May 5th.  Please remember that participation in the selection vote is only for SFUU members.  If you want your voice heard in this critical step of our process, mark your calendar so you don’t schedule something that would take you away from SFUU either of those weekends. 

How You Can Help

During Candidating week, the ministerial candidate needs a comfortable place to stay.  If you have a guest house, large and private guest room, or are aware of someone with a home that will be vacant  from April 27th through May 6th, please contact Amy Evans or anyone on the search committee.  And if you have a bunch of frequent flyer miles you would be willing to donate to the search process, they can be used to fly the candidate to Sacramento.  Both of these valuable contributions will help SFUU extend its limited financial resources!



On August 26th, we held our search kick off service and workshop.  The attendance was AWESOME.  



Learn more about the members of the Ministerial Search committee.  We are open to your thoughts and engagement in this process. 



The Ministerial Search process is a carefully designed program.  Learn more about how it works.