Children and Youth Curriculum and Classrooms

The R.E. Curriculum: All the classes, except Child Care, run on a three-year educational cycle which includes: Unitarian Universalist Principles and Values (Year 1), World Religions and Moral Development (Year 2), and Peace, Social Justice and the Environment (Year 3).  The detailed curriculum information below.

The Unitarian Universalist Association Tapestry of Faith Curricula is the predominant source of lessons for our classes.  The Tapestry of Faith program is a lifespan faith development program geared to each age group.  Its modules for children and youth complement our three year cycle.


During the regular church year, September -May, we offer a variety of programs for children and youth.  In the Summer a variety of “Guest Stars” provide RE activities. If you have any questions about these programs, please contact Adrean Dills, the Director of Religious Education at 916-672-9318 or   

·         Child Care Program: Child care is offered downstairs during services.  The program offers age-appropriate games, stories, art, manipulative materials in a loving and caring atmosphere. Simple U.U. principles are introduced during the year through stories, games, songs, and dramatic play opportunities. 

·         Elementary Age Program: The K-2nd and 3-5th grade classes meet in the downstairs R.E. space. You and your child(ren) are welcome to visit these classes or become a regular attendee.  Each class uses Unitarian Universalist curricula to teach children in fun and interactive ways.  

Youth Program:  Following the Time for All Ages , youth are encouraged to find their Advisers, who are often standing near the back of the Sanctuary. Youth are encouraged to utilize UU resources and to begin working together to shape the program to their interests.


SFUU R.E. Curriculum Focus for 2019-2020

The C/YRE Committee in conjunction with the Director of Religious Education discusses and establishes the curriculum for the year.   Starting in September 2019, the Children and Youth will be joining the larger congregation in Theme-Based Ministry, focusing each month on a spiritual theme.  This will help cultivate inter-generational conversations!  Additionally, this year the C/YRE Committee and Director of Religious Education have decided to use these themes to explore Unitarian Universalist Identity.  

Each class will have its own age-appropriate curriculum that draws heavily from the Tapestry of Faith offerings, SoulMatters packets, as well as other UU sources.  

Social Engagement Sundays: In order to foster engagement with the larger congregation and community, certain weeks and events will be designated for social engagement. These include participation in local and UU charity efforts and fun events like a Mother’s Day tea. 

K-5th Grade Class -- This age group practices collaborative learning, sharing and helping each other with the lessons and art projects.  Each week the children have an opportunity to share joys and concerns.  They will be learning about Unitarian Universalism through story, activities, and art.    Children will be able to talk about what a chalice is, remember the seven UU Principles, and explain how a Covenant helps their class.   

Kids Night Out – might also be an afternoon out at the park for the k-5th graders to socialize, do art projects, and play.  Parents must be in attendance.

Youth Group -- On Sundays the youth group meets downstairs to share treats, cocoa and tea over discussions of the monthly themes and UU identity.  The Youth and adult advisors will be working on conscientious community building as they explore the elements of a youth group, a UU gathering, and how to enact UU principles.  For example, in September they will talk about Expectations by learning about the importance of a Covenant in UU gatherings and create one together.

MUUGs -- Youth will be provided with information about district MUUGs events. They will also be encouraged to do small fundraising projects to support their participation in district events.  

7th – 9th Grade OWL -- Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a lifelong learning sexuality and relationship education program, which is especially critical at this time of great changes.   7th-9th graders from our congregation and the community will be invited to participate for 8 weeks in the spring.   This class is optional and will take place during usual RE time for the ease of families with multiple children.

Friday Night Youth – The Youth group will have monthly meetings offsite in the evenings.  These are intended to be fun group activities that could include art or cooking projects, bowling, etc. Parents from two different households must be present.  All supervising parents must have background checks and be aware of SFUU policies regarding youth events.

Monthly Themes

September: Expectation
October:     Belonging
November: Attention
December:  Awe
January:       Integrity
February:     Resilience
March:         Wisdom
April:           Liberation
May:            Thresholds

 ~ Adrean Louise Dills, M.Div.  

Director of Religious Education for Children and Youth

Sierra Foothills Unitarian Universalists 190 Finley St.; Auburn, CA 95603