Children and Youth Religious Education News

REflecting and Learning: Children and Youth

During the transition between ministers, we have a unique opportunity to evaluate the RE programs we offer and how we structure them.  If you have input, now is the time to contribute!  Add your voice, experience, and ideas to discussions this spring.  Look for opportunities to participate in meetings.  You can also send comments and questions to Reverend Mike or Adrean Dills.   Let's build stronger programs together! 

       Religious Education families and teachers please join us for a rousing morning of bowling! We will go to Foothills Bowling Center at 11:00 on Sunday, April 8th. to bowl as long as the fun lasts! No reservation is needed. If you have questions please call Randy Nemeth at 916-622-2407. (this event will be re-scheduled for a later date)


    -Adrean Dills, Director of Children/Youth Religious Education