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REflecting and Learning: Children and Youth

During this season of change, of goings and comings, we have a great opportunity to experience the paradoxical feelings that happen with transitions.  As much we love others, we miss them. Our emotions might be bittersweet or bounce back and forth between love and longing.  Just because we might feel

a certain way about our ministers relocating to New York, that does not mean we feel a certain opposite way about the incoming interim minister. Feelings can surprise us that way if we let them. We can also choose how to interpret those feelings.  If we have a mixture of, say, excitement and worry; some of us will focus on the excitement and some will focus on the worry. If you tend to focus only on the positive or negative side of the feeling spectrum, this might be a good time to try acknowledging the other side a bit; to experience first before telling a story about how we ought to feel. Let's see what new stories we can share with each other in the next few months. 


   -Adrean Dills, Director of Children/Youth Religious Education