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REflecting and Learning: Children and Youth

Acceptance and The Prophetic Imperative seem to be opposites, yet a great opportunity presents itself when we consider these spiritual themes one after the other. The key is that Acceptance does not preclude action! As we cultivate understanding of things-as-they-are, we can also work for change.  I have found a good way to do this is to change my language from 'but' to 'and,' making more room in myself to allow the world to be as it is.  Consider how hard it is to accept the gravity of climate change.  If we set the up the world-as-it-is against the world-as-it-should-be (not accepting), then we create a big fight in ourselves that crushes our spirits before we can even reach out to act. If we can fully accept the gravity of the situation, however, then we naturally are moved to action. We take the fight outside of ourselves!  As we work with challenging situations in these next few months, let us practice acceptance and offering our prophetic voice with "and" language.         

   -Adrean Dills, Director of Children/Youth Religious Education



Family Fun Night

There was fun to be had for folks of all ages on a Family Fun Night on March 24, 2017.