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REflecting and Learning: Children and Youth

Sometimes we have to be our own role models. On the news I have been hearing people in positions of power say things that are not appropriate, and I am reminded of the Buddha's dying words: Be lights unto yourselves.  When other people say and do things that are not kind, we should not grow lazy, but rather work more diligently to say and do what we believe.  This can be hard work! It is much easier to say rude things about a person than to calmly disagree.  It is easier to start blaming others than remembering to find out the facts first.  It is easier to use some bad words sometimes when we want to express really big feelings.  But sometimes those words can lessen our message.  However, this is when our spiritual path can help us out.  We can remember our values and our principles.  We can also seek out people who will help us rise above these behaviors and be our best selves.  Let's work together to share our values and better our communities. 


Upcoming Events:

  • K-2nd Grade OWL:  January 7 - March 4 from 9:15-10:15 am on Sunday.  Registration will start soon!  

  • RE Retreat at Montera Lighthouse: weekend of February 24.  This is an annual event for RE teachers and families. 

   -Adrean Dills, Director of Children/Youth Religious Education