Spring FUN-draiser


On Saturday, April 29, the gathering hall of the First Congregational Church in   Auburn was transported back in time to 1969 and the Summer of Love.  The decorations, the costumes, the music, and the food all contributed to our really feeling the love. In   addition to having good conversations and dancing, the congregation showed some love for all the wonderful items in the auction—our fundraiser was another success.  Thanks to ALL the volunteers who made it happen and the congregation for stepping up and stepping out! 

Peace, love, and SFUU!


Volunteer Spotlight

George Lowry- Worship Associate

George joined the Worship Associate (WA) team within a year of joining SFUU as part of his “year of saying yes”, a principle that helps him engage with new groups and fulfill his desire to pitch in. George enjoys working with the ministers to develop that week’s theme, developing a Welcome message and short reflection, and helping in the mechanics of the service as needed. He finds the work fulfilling, especially when the congregation appreciates his contributions.  George suggests that a fear of public speaking should not stop you from participating, because the rewards outweigh the fears. On the theme of The Prophetic Imperative, “attending worship sustains us spiritually and brings us into community with people who support each other in working for justice.” If you are interested in being a WA, he suggests talking to some of them, then attending the next WA training. ~Joan Lacktis