Social Justice News 


    The SFUU Social Justice Committee continues to implement the ambitious program plan it adopted during its annual planning retreat. Upcoming activities include the following:

Climate Footprint Project Update

· In early 2019, the committee expects to revisit the Congregational Climate Footprint Project originally initiated in early 2017 in which congregants were surveyed about their individual and family greenhouse gas emissions. Members and friends will again be invited to participate in the same congregation-wide survey to raise awareness about lifestyle choices as well as to see how much the original responders have been able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the past year and a half.

· As a follow-up to the Climate Footprint Project, the Green Sanctuary working group will hold workshops early next year to help church members further reduce their personal greenhouse gas emissions. These workshops will cover home energy, reducing waste, and sustainable transportation.

Rapid Response Training

· The Committee has joined with the Rapid Response Network in offering training to volunteers to practice solidarity during ICE encounters in Placer County. The training helps church members and others become legal observers to witness, accompany, and advocate for our immigrant neighbors during ICE encounters. Check the church calendar for information on Part 1 and Part 2 of the training.

Street Medic Training

· In the planning stages is a project that connects volunteers to additional training to serve as street medics for the Rapid Response Network (see above), as well as for other SFUU social justice activities. Contact Allen Edwards at

Green Sanctuary News

SFUU was first certified as a ‘Green Sanctuary’ in 2010, and it is time for us to get reaccredited! Being a Green Sanctuary means that, as a congregation, we are committed to environmental justice and caring for the Earth. The reaccreditation process is meant to energize us to put our values into action. The Green Sanctuary team has just submitted an application for reaccreditation candidacy that details a number of projects we hope to bring to SFUU. Most of these projects will be rolled out starting in January and continuing through the spring of 2019. For more information about these projects, please visit our Green Sanctuary web page under Faith In Action on the SFUU website or talk to any Green Team member (Barb Munn, Tom Piette, Marsha von Dessonneck, Bob Niblack, Helene Crandall, Janie Evans, or Allen Edwards). We welcome all levels of involvement in these projects and hope that you are just as motivated as we are about joining together in an effort to “green” our corner of Placer County.