Social Justice News 


      The SFUU social justice committee has been busy.  Based on the results of last winter's Congregational Discernment Survey, we have expanded our focus and are working to address issues in human rights, economic justice, and climate/environmental justice. With this new focus, we've had a busy spring and summer, with bigger plans for the remainder of this fiscal year. 

The committee's recently completed and continuing projects include:

Last spring the committee hosted a community forum on the state and national Poor People's Campaign

We are participating in the church's Green Sanctuary recertification and will put on one of the projects for that effort (revisiting the congregational climate footprint – more details below)

We are sponsoring the Faithful Friends Immigration Detainee Group's use of the SFUU Vertical Response account, with which they will transmit the group's newsletters.  Joan Lacktis will hold a congregational forum on the program sometime the fall.

In early October, Millie Livingston, with help from others within and outside the committee, will produce the play, “Building the Wall”.  Written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Robert Schenkkan, this is a thought-provoking exploration of the consequences of the current administration's immigration policies.

In mid October, the committee will present a documentary about the impacts of missions on  native Americans.  This video was put together by Donna Schindler, a member of our church community

In mid-fall, the we will revisit the congregational climate footprint.  Our initial footprint was assessed in the Spring of 2017.  This second assessment will allow us to see if our climate change efforts have reduced our collective greenhouse gas emissions.  This effort will involve workshops and another congregational survey.

The committee is also in the midst of planning other projects for the remainder of this fiscal year and beyond:  in some cases we will help church members join projects that are run by organizations outside the church; in other cases we'll support and facilitate projects that church members propose to us; and, where we see the need, we will initiate and implement new projects that speak to our focus.

Overall, we hope to offer the SFUU community opportunities to join a broad range of social justice activities.

~Your SFUU Social Justice Committee

“Building The Wall”


      With the sponsorship of SFUU Social Justice Committee, we will present the play “Building The Wall” by Robert Schenkkan, Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award-winning playwright. The play will be held at SFUU.


      The play is set a year from now, when martial law has been declared after a terror attack, and the federal government has rounded up thousands of immigrants and sent them to deportation camps.  Things take a very bad turn when a former security officer, who helped oversee the detention camps, is awaiting sentencing and is being interviewed by a history professor.

Show dates and times are on Friday evening, October 5, at 7pm; Saturday, October 6, at 2pm and 7pm. Proceeds from the play will be contributed to organizations working to free detainee refugees families and reunite children to their families. Donation ticket suggestion are $10.00-$15.00 or more, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.  Childcare will be provided as needed. 

For more information contact Millee Livingston,



Share the Plate 


Last November the SFUU Board of Directors approved a proposal from the Social Justice Committee to share our Sunday plate more frequently and with rotating other organizations. Sharing our plate would expand from once a month to every week, so members would be able to share with others whenever they were moved to do so.  Our giving will continue to help the Auburn Interfaith Food Closet as well as two additional agencies/projects. Research has shown that congregations that share their plate increase their giving both to themselves and to other organizations.  This will start as a pilot and be reviewed in 12 months.

***Starting in July all checks (pledges and donations) will be made out to SFUU.  Donors will use the memo line to detail the purpose of the check.   SFUU and charities will split the cash in the plate. All checks not marked as pledge checks will be split as well . ***

The 2 new organization/projects address the social justice area of economic justice.

Auburn Immigration Rapid Response Team Training is a collaborative project designed to fund (with others) training to develop a  Placer Rapid Response Team.  This trained team (including SFUU members) will mobilize to calls that local individuals/families are experiencing issues due to their immigration status.  Team members will respond to bear witness to actions taken and follow up with assistance as needed.

Rainbow Hearts is a collaborative project with Sierra College and Placer Community Foundation specifically targeting LGBTQ students at Sierra College who are homeless.  The project will train providers and educators to advocate for students to reduce homelessness, reduce drop out rates, and increase successful graduation.

In future years organizations would be nominated by the Social Justice Committee or by members of the congregation, with the final decision by the SJC.  Decisions about organization selection would be made based on alignment of the organization with our SFUU mission, social justice focus and organizational accountability. We hope members will get to know all our selected organizations, and in addition to funds, contribute with actions and involvement.