SFUU used the Climate Ribbon Art Ritual to celebrate what we love about the Earth, grieve for what we might lose due to climate change, and unite in our commitment to take action.

SFUU used the Climate Ribbon Art Ritual to celebrate what we love about the Earth, grieve for what we might lose due to climate change, and unite in our commitment to take action.

Welcome to our Social Justice Program at SFUU


Social Justice Committee Retreat Saturday August 24, see below for photos from this event

Think Globally, Act Locally: The State of the Climate Join environmental scientist, Data Nuccitelli, for this presentation followed by a panel discussion with local climate activists and policy makers at the Auburn State Theater on September 12, 7-9pm

Non Violent Communication Workshop Saturday October 5, 10am-2pm in the main sanctuary. Join Jared Finkelstein for this NVC workshop. More details to follow.

Scroll down for photos from our Social Justice Events!

Our church community has a passion promoting economic justice, human rights, and caring for the earth.  Consistent with the inclusive values of Unitarian Universalism, we partner with the broader community to address the crucial justice issues of our day. We recognize the imperative to go beyond talk and commit to acting on our words. 

What is Social Justice?

Justice at SFUU is harnessing love’s power to stop oppression and build beloved community. We put our faith into action through grassroots organizing as well as interfaith, state, and national advocacy, balancing community service with creating systemic change in order to create a better world. We believe the six key parts of a well-rounded Social Justice program are Education, Witness, Advocacy, Service, Community Organizing, and Leadership Development.

What We Do

The Social Justice Committee at SFUU works to keep our congregants informed on the local and global social justice issues of our time.  From there we act to build leadership and facilitate actions that help overcome those problems through the following:

Photo from the August, 2019 Social Justice Committee retreat

Photo from the August, 2019 Social Justice Committee retreat

  • Education through presentations, forums, and discussion groups;

  • Acts of witness, through writing, speaking, and demonstrating our concern;

  • Partnerships with community organizations with common justice aims;  

  • Service to those in our community most in need;

  • Offering leadership and action training for our members, as well as the broader community, in projects that relate to human rights, environmental justice, and caring for the earth.

The Social Justice Committee Chair is George Lowry (sfuu.sjc@gmail.com).

Here are some photos from the August 24th Social Justice Committee retreat at Allen Edward’s house. Contact George Lowry (sfuu.sjc@gmail.com), or check the SFUU calendar, for information about our next committee meeting - everyone is welcome!

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On July 28th, guest speakers Katy and Kyle Chandler-Isacksen presented a service and forum on practicing Radical Simplicity. In 2001, along with their two sons, Katy and Kyle made a giant leap to live a more sustainable and joyful life. They moved to a 200 square foot house and then turned off all the electricity! Listen to these recordings from the service to hear what this leap to Radical Simplicity has meant to their lives and how you can embrace more elements of simplicity in yours, to battle the climate crisis and challenges of our times.

Kyle and Katy Chandler-Isackson at their urban homestead in Reno

Kyle and Katy Chandler-Isackson at their urban homestead in Reno

Social Justice and the Worship Committee worked together to bring the Climate Ribbon Art Ritual to SFUU during the April 14th Sunday Service. This was a participatory are ritual for climate healing and hope that was originally created for the 2014 People’s Climate March in New York City. It has since appeared in communities around the world, including SFUU!. Social Justice brought this ritual to the Some Kind of Earth Day celebration in School Park Preserve on Saturday, April 27th.

During the March 17th Sunday Service, SFUU members Barb Munn and Kelly Chandler shared their spiritual journeys toward simplicity, inspired by a deep commitment towards our planet and the challenges being presented by climate change. If you missed this service, you can get a transcript and some audio from the service, below:

These photos are from the March 10, Where Does Our Waste Go? forum led by Marsha von Dessonneck. If you missed this forum, Marsha has provided many useful links to videos and podcasts about this topic at the bottom of her forum’s web page.

On February 21, Janeth Rodriquez and Edwin Valdez came back the SFUU to complete the Rapid Response Training of some of our members. Here are a few photos from that event.

Rapid Response Network helps train and prepare volunteers to become Legal Observers to witness and advocate for our immigrant community, as well as being of service in other ways such as hosting and accompaniment for impacted families.

Photos from the Feb 10, Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation Forum led by Tom Piette, a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited architect and member of Governor Brown’s ‘Green Team’ while working at the state capitol. If you missed this forum, you can listen to the presentation here!

Photos from the Jan 27, Environmental Justice Forum featuring Joanne Hild (Executive Director of Sierra Streams Institute) and Shelly Covert (Nisenan Tribal Leader and Executive Director of the California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project). Click below for more information:

Photos from the Jan 20, Climate Footprint Forum.

If you haven’t done your footprint yet, click here!