Social Justice Resources

The purpose of this section is to provide members and friends with suggestions for further information on areas of interest that are timely and informative that address our current Social Justice Issue Focus.  Justice at SFUU is harnessing the power of love to stop oppression and build beloved community. Our current focus areas are economic and environmental justice, human rights, and caring for the earth. This beautifully aligns with our SFUU Mission-to build beloved community that respects diversities as we nourish the spirit, care for the Earth, and inspire faithful acts of peace and justice.


White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism, by Robin DiAngelo, Michael Eric Dyson

Cooler, Smarter: Practical Steps for Low Carbon Living, by Union of Concerned Scientists



IPCC climate change report calls for urgent action to phase out fossil fuels

Young Climate Plaintiffs Ask Judge to Let Their Case Proceed

Justice on Earth—People of Faith Working at the Intersections of Race, Class and the Environment

 Unitarian Universalist and Community Partnerships Links

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