Stewardship 2017

Use the links to access helpful information about this year's stewardship drive:

2016-17 Approved Budget

Stewardship  Presentation from Congregational Meeting

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To thank you for your financial support this past year, the Stewardship Team invites everyone to dinner on Saturday night, March 18, at 5:30 p.m. We will gather a block down the street from SFUU at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church’s social hall, 124 Orange Street, to socialize; share a meal (including vegan/gluten free options); enjoy special, surprise, AMAZING entertainment; and hear from several members of the wider community about SFUU’s impact on their missions. Children can enjoy their own special evening in the SFUU building, complete with pizza and a magic show!


Thank you in advance for your gift that will help us continue to care for our religious home, grow our congregation, encourage spiritual growth through worship and programs, invest in social justice, educate our children and youth, and provide fair compensation to our professional ministry and staff. We cannot do this without your generous support.

~ The Stewardship Team:  Andy Cramer, Gary Koerner, Mary Piette, Stevie Rea, and Marsha von Dessonneck,
Rev. Lynn Gardner, Rev. Wendy Bartel