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Sunday Service References

People who lead worship are frequently asked for info on readings, songs, etc. from our services.  This page provides links to those references.




May 28th- Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit- Barbie Laderman-Jones and Nancy Polli


First Sabbath- Nancy Shaffer

Eulogy for a Little Lab Mammal- Elizabeth Tarbox

The Light Bringers- Ric Masten  (you have to scroll down to see this poem)


Dominion. Mattew Scully

The Case for Animal Rights , Tom Regan.

 Animal Rights: A Very Short Introduction.  

 Animals and Women,edited by Carol Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat.  




Earth Day: Plant Flowers, Make Rain, led by Joan Lacktis and John Bowman

Caged Bird, Maya Angelou

How to grow micro-greens

Scott Pruitt

USEPA Headquarters

William Jefferson Clinton Bldg.

1200 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.

Mail Code: 1101A Washington, DC 20460


Between Fragmentation and Wholeness led by Revs Lynn Gardner and Wendy Bartel

Black Lives of UU

compilation of some of the UUA hiring conversations

characteristics of white supremacy culture

sugarcoated language of white fragility  By Ann Kegler at the Huffington Post

6 things white folks need to stop   by Maisha Johnson for Everyday Feminism magazine  

An academic paper on   White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Brené Brown's Ted talk on shame


Seeking Balance led by Revs Wendy Bartel and Lynn Gardner The Poem 'Heavy'



Intention and Respect at the Cineplex led by Suzanne Borth and Worship associates and musicians Jeff Chamberlain and Elise Borth

Mark Duplass really wants you to see "Moonlight"

Independent Spirit awards at FilmIndependent

#oscarssowhite background at The New York Times and Time Magazine

The Bechdel Test originally proposed by comic artist, playwright and social commentator, Alison Bechdel

List of films referenced

Once                                     Selma                           The Way he Looks           

Hustle and Flow                  Tangerine                     Mosquito y Mari

Moonlight                            Love and Basketball    Southside Story

Breakfast at Tiffany's          Love Jones                    I Am Not Your Negro

Elderfire: Beyond Maturity led by Rev Kurt Kuhwald and Worship associate Jeff Chamberlain

The dissent pin modeled on the collar that Ruth Bader Ginsberg wore the day after the 45th President was elected:

The Age of Actualizaton: A handbook for growing elder community:

The Carl Jung quote: "A human being would certainly not grow to be seventy or eighty years old if this longevity had no meaning for the species to which [they] belong.”

Conscious Elder Network:

Radio interview with several elders on KWMR (West Marin Radio station):


Leaning Into Discomfort led by Amy Evans and Robert Archer

Incubus, Drive (song performed by guest)

The Fear Patrol, Neil Shister

Declaration of Conscience

Loving in Fear, Stephen Schick