Transition Team Updates

The SFUU Transition Team to work with Rev. Mike Walker has been selected by the SFUU Board and held its first two meetings in October and November. According to the UUA’s “Transitional Ministry Handbook: A Guide for Congregations and Ministers,” the TT should consist of five to seven members who are widely known and respected by the congregation. “Their role is to provide the Interim Minister with insight, organizational and facilitative talent, and willing hands as the ministry proceeds. The Transition Team is the minister’s ‘brain trust.’” The team will be in place for the two-year interim tenure of Rev. Mike. Team members are Robert Archer, John Bowman, Tricia Caspers, Joan Harris, and Randy Nemeth. The TT will be hosting events to help the congregation process grief over the departure of Revs. Lynn and Wendy and come to a collective understanding of where the congregation wants to go in the future.

Here are some upcoming events:

In early January we will send out a “Wishes & Reflections” survey about what you think SFUU has done well in the past as well as your hopes for SFUU in the future.
This survey will be available online and in print. You are welcome to fill it out anonymously if you’d like.
In addition, we’ve scheduled five optional small group meetings for those who wish to discuss their wishes and reflections with others. Each meeting will be co-facilitated by Rev. Mike and one Transition Committee member.
All meetings will be held at SFUU. Choose a date and show up with your survey and snacks to share. There’s no need to RSVP.
2-3pm, Tuesday, January 16 (Co-facilitated by Rev. Mike and John Bowman)
11am to noon, Saturday, January 20 (Co-facilitated by Rev. Mike and Tricia Caspers)
6:30-7:30pm, Tuesday, January 23 (Co-facilitated by Rev. Mike and Randy Nemeth)
6:30-7:30pm, Friday, January 26 (Co-facilitated by Rev. Mike and Robert Archer)
1-2pm, Sunday, January 28 (Co-facilitated by Rev. Mike and Joan Harris)
Thank you for all you do for SFUU!
Your Transition Team