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Congregational Meeting

Sunday June 9th, 11:0015 AM

Please plan on attending the June Congregational Meeting, after the worship service in the Sanctuary; one third of the voting members must be present in order to have a quorum to conduct our business. At this meeting members will elect the 2019-2020 Board of Trustees, vote to approve the 2019-2020 budget, vote on members of the Nominating Committee, and honor this year's Pillar of the Church.  The Nominating Committee slate is: Bob Coombs and Karen Johnson (both for 1-year terms), Stevie Rea and Janet Russell (both for 2-year terms).

The slate recommended by the Nominating Committee for the Board of Trustees is:
                        Ian Duncan (President)
                        Maureen Bauman (Vice President)                     
                        Geoff Smith  (Trustee, 1-year term) 
                        Laura Koerner (Secretary)                                     
                        Jason Laderman-Jones (Trustee, 2-year term)
                        Marsha von Dessonneck (Financial Officer)        
                        Suzanne Borth (Trustee, 2-year term)

Additional nominations for the open Board positions may be made from the floor, with the written consent of the nominee(s). If you cannot attend, please arrange to vote by proxy. According to the SFUU by-laws, a proxy letter signed by an absent member may authorize another member of the Congregation to vote on the absent member's behalf. However, no member may vote more than two proxies per meeting, and proxy votes do not count toward quorum.
Contact Ian Duncan for more information about this meeting. (2ianduncan@gmail.com).

Click here to view the proposed budget