Reverend Mike’s Wayside Pulpit


Feeding Your Spirit

Dear friends,

What feeds your spirit, what nourishes your soul? Perhaps while attending a retreat in the mountains or a walk on the beach? Or listening to Bach or the Grateful Dead? Is it gathering your family together for the holidays or reaching out to long-time friends that you haven’t seen in a while?

Whatever it is, I encourage you all to take time for renewal, even during (especially during!) the holiday season that is just around the corner. And another suggestion – if you find yourself alone as we approach the holidays, please let others here know. And, if you become aware of someone in our community that is alone, I hope you can find a way to invite them in. This is a time when we, as a community, can share grace and care for all the members and friends of our congregation. This, too, can feed your spirit, and theirs.

May it ever be so and blessed be you all!

Rev Mike