Reverend Mike’s Wayside Pulpit


Happy New Year!

rev mike xmas eve 2017.jpg

Dear Friends,

Christmas and Chanukah are barely gone by, and soon the pretty lights will come down, and Christmas trees and menorahs will be put away for another year. Before we know it, the crocuses will bud and bloom and spring will be upon us. We often think of New Year’s as a time for new beginnings and rethinking old ways and patterns. How can we do X or Y different this year? Shall I make a resolution to eat more vegetables and go to the gym more often? Or, perhaps, I resolve to do better at staying in touch with friends and family who are far-flung across the globe? Whatever your resolutions may be, we always have a chance to start anew.

For one of our Sunday services coming up, I’m going to be preaching about creativity, talking about how we may develop something beautiful from the depths of our own being. At the same time, during our spurts of creativity, we are each continuing the process of becoming what we will be. The process is never complete; just steps along the way are completed. Rather than being alarmed that we are never finished with our work in this life, I like to take heart in the fact that I always have another chance to do things differently next time. I think this is true for us all—we are ever in the process of becoming, and that provides us with endless opportunities.

This is my hope for you: may this new year be filled with joy. May the year be one of discovery and healing for every person in this congregation and beyond. May each of you find answers to your burning questions, and may you all be fulfilled.

May it ever be so and blessed be you all!

~ Rev. Mike