Reverend Mike’s Wayside Pulpit


Dear friends,

A continuous thread that weaves throughout the tapestry of UUism, through the centuries and at our many locations, is that we are a covenantal community. In our covenant (whether it be explicit or implicit), we declare that we face this world with a deep sense of love and justice and commit to speaking out and fighting injustice everywhere. We de-clare that we will journey with each other in our spiritual quests for truth, whatever that truth may turn out to be. We declare that we care for each other in times of need, so that none of us faces the trials and tribulations of life alone. We declare that we will answer misinformation and propaganda with solid facts. And, in the midst of all of this work, we declare that we will try to have fun together, as well. We have a message that resonates with many, and we are called upon to declare this widely and loudly.

At a local level, such as our congregation, it is normal to periodically review our covenant, our mission and vision (again, this ‘covenant’ may or may not be explicitly written, but it runs through the fabric of the congregation, nonetheless.) During a time of transition is a particularly good time to do this work. As we do so, I suggest we consider a few questions:

• What do we do well, as a congregation?

• Who do we serve, and why?

• What have we accomplished, since the founding of the con-gregation?

• What should we try to accomplish in the future?

• Are there people (organizations, other churches, individuals) that we can partner with to get our message out into the world?

• What are our challenges? What trips us up or causes us difficulty?

• Do we have ‘small church’ systems that serve to keep us small, and is that the best way to get our message out?

As we explore these questions, and more, I look forward to hearing from many of you. This is a process, and I cannot pretend to know all the answers, but I do hope we can figure them out together.

May it ever be so and blessed be to you all,

Rev. Mike