Reverend Mike’s Wayside Pulpit


Springtime Rush

Dear friends,

The winter has receded and the world around us is showing it: bees are busy with the flowers that are everywhere; animals are again out and about, many with babies in tow; half the toys kids got for Christmas are broken already; and work has gotten rather busy for so many of us. We are running pell-mell into the springtime rush. Mom used to re-mind me to take time to smell the flowers, which always seems like good advice (just don’t bother the bees!)

Just as the new year was an opportunity to let go of some of the things no longer serving us well, the springtime is great for trying on new ways and thinking up new, creative ideas. For the church, this means: the new Ministerial Search Committee will be starting its work; the Council of Committee Chairs will be reviewing old policies; new folks will have arrived, looking for community; longtime members away for the winter may return to reconnect; babies will be born. Springtime, for all its busy-ness and the pellmell rush to do everything that must be done, it is also a fertile time of creativity and new growth. Let us em-brace that with all our hearts. 

May it ever be so and blessed be you all!

Rev. Mike