Worship Services


Services at 9 AM and 11 AM

October 1  Wandering in the Wilderness                                          

Our culture has often used the metaphor of wandering in the wilderness (not least of which, the one about ‘40 days and 40 nights’.)  Are we stuck in our wandering, not knowing what we should do next?  Is there no hope of ever reaching our destination, of ever achieving our goals?  Do we have it in us to decide to stop wandering, and if so, do we know when and where that wandering should cease?  That is to say: what are we trying to achieve, and will we recognize it once we have done so?

Worship Leader: Rev. Mike Walker


October 8   Indigenous Peoples' Day: Rediscovering Discovery       

One way to honor the people who lived in the Americas before us is to let go of romanticized myths and learn and tell the true stories of the people and places we know.

Worship Leader: Joan Lacktis


October 15    Hinduism, Diwali and the UU principles    

Amy Evans and her coworker Sirisha Pulipati will delve into Hinduism and the meaning of Diwali.  The stories behind Diwali include good overcoming evil.  These themes along with key UU principles provide a unified path for moving forward in dark times.

 Worship leaders Sirisha Pulipati and Amy Evans


October 22     Living into the Promise                                                   

Exploring how we can live into, rather than up to, the promise of all that we can be, we explore through the lens of liberal faith many of the promises to be found in the living of our individual lives, in our interactions with wider society, and in regards to our collective place in the world.  Regardless of one’s belief in God, Rev. Mike opines that there is a promise for each of us, that is greater than the mundanity of everyday life.

Worship Leader: Rev. Michael Walker

October 29      All Saints, All Souls, and All of Our Ancestors            

Hallowe’en.  Samhain.  Dia de los Muertos.  All Saints or All Souls Day.  Many cultures have a celebration at this time of year so that people can honor their ancestors and beloved dead.  What does this look like in a Unitarian Universalist context?  You are invited to bring a photograph to place on the altar.  The pictures may be of your beloved dead, loved ones of years gone by, or literal or figurative ancestors which have inspired you.

Worship Leader: Rev. Michael Walker