Worship Services

May 28-Sep 3: One service at 10 AM

June 4  Searching for Truth: The UU Odyssey

We celebrate the year of Children/Youth Religious Education classes and activities, weaving story, songs, poetry, reflections, and ritual.

Worship Leaders: Children/Youth R.E. Program

Worship Associates: Rev. Wendy Bartel & Rev. Lynn Gardner


June 11 Campfire Wisdom: Sleeping with a Mosquito

This weekend several families from SFUU are attending the church-wide camping trip. We’ll celebrate locally too for folks who’d rather sleep in their own bed on Saturday night! Join us for favorite songs by the campfire and see what wisdom arises from the flames. (The only actual flame will be from the chalice.)

Worship Leaders: Rev. Wendy Bartel and Rev. Lynn Gardner


June 18 Teach Your Children Well


Worship Leader: Lauren Way, seminarian and

Worship Associate: Pam Downs


June 25 What About Robs?

This is part of an intermittent series of lay-led services in which members share their passions and how doing what they're passionate about feeds their spirits.

Worship Leaders: Robert Ludgate, Rob Beitz,

Worship Associate:  Joan Lacktis