Worship Services


              Services at 10 AM

August 4th Journeys

Journeys take us to new places. Some journeys take us away and others return us to where we started. But they all allow us to awaken to the world in new ways. We will explore some of the journeys- physical, spiritual, and intellectual- that have transformed us in some way

Worship Leaders: Joan Lacktis, Amy Evans, Suzanne Borth

August 11th Living with Jewish Faith and Heritage

As UU's we appreciate and respect the diversity of religious faiths and all those who travel their own path for seeking truth and meaning Join us this Sunday with guest speakers Marcy Ahrons and Loren Feffer as they share how their Jewish faith has supported and directed their lives.

Guest Speakers: Marcy Ahrons & Loren Feffer Worship Associate: Meg Dorsey

August 18th All My Life's A Circle

We learn as we move through life that what is important is much the same for all of us. Although we each walk different paths through life, we often share the same internal battles as we seek contentment and happiness. Join us as we explore how being a UU can create a connective circle for your life while supporting you on your own unique journey.

Worship Leader: Vicky Jungers

August 25th The Spirituality of Inclusion: 100 Years of Women's Suffrage

Enfranchising women to vote 100 years ago included them in ways that shaped the fabric of society in many ways. When all voices are heard we are all more connected and the mural of our lives is more beautiful!

Worship Leaders: Meg Dorsey and Pattiey Leftridge Worship Associate: Millee Livingston