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              Services at 9 and 11 AM

Worship Theme for March – Living Life as a UU

March 3 Four Spiritualities: The Mystical Mind and Experience

In this installment of a four-part sermon series, Rev. Mike describes mystical experience, through the words of various mystics and from direct experience of the mystical voice of spirituality. Rev. Fred Campbell wrote, “Mystics are people who have experienced a ‘union with the transcendent creativity of our Universe.’ ... Mystics know that science has great power to deal with the material world and that there is more to our world than science is currently able to handle.” Transcendence of objective reality is a shared hallmark of mystics from many very different religious traditions. In fact, mysticism is the epitome of spiritual experience, rather than religious doctrine.

Worship Leader: Rev. Michael Walker

March 10 Stewardship Sunday: A New Song

An expert in stewardship of UU churches, the Rev. David Usher will travel from the Bay Area to be with us on this Sunday, following the stewardship concert of the evening before. Please join us as we imagine our congregational future together, in the weeks before getting to meet the new candidate minister (to be announced by the Search Committee at a later date.)

Worship Leader: Rev. David Usher

Worship Associate: Barb Munn

March 17 Simplify, Simplify

Explore the possibilities of sustainable living through voluntary simplicity. Can we make a difference in a world afflicted by accelerating climate change and the exploitation of Earth’s limited natural resources? Can we resist the call to consumerism and consciously choose to live more simply, and enrich our daily lives in the process? In his book, Voluntary Simplicity, Duane Elgin defined voluntary simplicity as a “way of living that is outwardly simple and inwardly rich. … The objective of the simple life is not to dogmatically live with less, but to live with balance in order to realize a life of greater purpose, fulfillment, and satisfaction.” Join us to explore what voluntary simplicity is, and what it is not.

If you missed this service, you can get the transcript on the Simplicity web page!

Worship Leader: Barb Munn

Worship Associate: Meg Dorsey

March 24 TBA

March 31 Four Spiritualities: Theism for a Modern Era

In this installment of a four-part sermon series, Rev. Mike helps us define Theism and its applicability to our largely secular society. The Rev. Fred Campbell wrote, “Theists know God as a real presence in their living. ... God is the ultimate transcendent reference system upon which life depends for order and purpose.” Theism generally refers to theologies of a divine entity, but doesn’t necessarily refer to any particular religion or identify a specific name or nature of God/dess. Crossing religious boundaries, this is the theology of an unfathomable higher, creative power, from which order in the universe is derived. From this sense of order comes our values and morality, and it’s by faith that Theists see these values and morality expressed in our lives.

Worship Leader: Rev. Michael Walker

Worship Associate: Pam Downs