Worship Services


Services are at 9 and 11 AM

March 4      “Go Out Into the Highways and Byways”                           

            Consider the larger vision and mission of Unitarian Universalism in the world: what is our part of that, at the local level?  The sermon title is a quote from a famous benediction by the Rev. John Murray, who is often called the Father of Universalism.  Murray’s exhortation was that we should not hide our little under a bushel, but rather to let it shine – to let others see what it is that we stand for, so that our values may positively influence their lives.  More than two centuries after Murray wrote those words, they still ring true for us in, here and now.

Worship Leader: Rev. Michael Walker                                                                                                                                      Worship Associate: Joan Lacktis


March 11       On Generosity                                                                                         

Why should we give our time and money to our own UU congregations, when there is so much need in our hurting world? What is the relevance of progressive religious community in these desperate times? 

Worship Leader: Rev. Leisa Huyck                                                                                                                                      Worship Associate: Andy Cramer

       Note: Daylight Savings begins this Sunday


March 18            Unexpected Blessings                                     

Speaking from her experiences as a hospital chaplain in an intensive care nursery. Lauren will be sharing moments of joy and surprise that come in places we don't expect.

Worship Leader: Lauren Way, seminarian                                                                                                                                    Worship Associate: Amy Evans


March 25 That Moment When Reality and Karma Meet: The Meaning of Grace

           Having discussed grace before, this Sunday we explore will further what this concept has to offer in our contemporary, secular world.  In a spiritual journey through our lives, do we go with the flow, or do we row the boat towards some destination, and do we help others along the way?  Can we give of ourselves, with no expectations of something in return?  Practicing grace can be hard to do, but perhaps that makes it all worth it.

Worship Leader: Rev. Michael Walker                                                                                                                                      Worship Associate: Lisa Joseph Boch