Worship Services



One service at 10 AM through September 2

June 3         Living a Rainbow Life in a Black & White World                                 

            Freedom is not free — it is something we work to maintain, day in and day out.  Many people, of many orientations, have worked for equal rights and protections for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people, in the workplace, in the wedding chapel, and walking down the street.  We will reflect on living life with the belief that these freedoms are a right, even while we are surrounded by a more conservative society in which some members believe that their own rights are eroded by giving others the same rights.  In recognition of the growing movement for LGBTQ rights, on this Pride Sunday, Joan Lacktis and Rick Marshall will join Rev. Mike in sharing stories of the LGBTQ communities, and why a Pride celebration is so important.  Closets are for clothes!

Worship Leaders: Rev. Michael Walker, Joan Lacktis,  Rick Marshall

            Service to be followed by a Potluck Lunch and the Annual Congregational Meeting.


June 10          Feast After the Fast: Muhammad’s Journey     

                           This Sunday, we consider the meaning of the Muslim feast of Eid al-Fitr and the conclusion of a month of fasting, Ramadan.  In an attempt to see the world through different eyes, we will hear a story about the life and teachings of the Father of Islam, Muhammad.  Western culture currently holds many judgments about the role of Islamic extremism on the world stage, but extremism/fundamentalism is not the totality of Islam.  This sermon will be partially mythopoeic, imagining the story from the perspective of those who were there in the days of Muhammad.

Worship Leader: Rev. Mike Walker                                                                                                                                            Worship Associate: Rick Marshall

June 17                Father's Day

            Celebration of fatherhood in it's many forms.  There will be a ceremony celebrating  the formation of a new family. Happy day, dear Dads!

Worship Leader: Rev. Mike Walker


June 24            The Dreamers and the Dream

           Local Dreamer Tomas Evangelista will talk about the Dream Act which brought adults who were brought to the US as children out of the shadows and the fear they face now as the protections are allowed to expire. 

Worship Leader: Tomas Evangelista                                                                                                                                              Worship  Associate: Joan Lacktis