Worship Services

May 28-Sep 3: One service at 10 AM

August 6:  Growth Through Change

Three worship committee reflects on our reactions to change – and how we can embrace those emotions as we work through changes at our beloved church.

Worship Leaders:  Amy Evans, Suzanne Borth, Joan Lacktis


August 13: Yes, No, Maybe So 

The unknown. The unfamiliar. The unpredictable. When we find ourselves in the midst of uncertainty, how are we called to engage it? 

Worship Leader: Rev. Ranwa Hammamy

Worship Associate: Valerie Bowman

August 20: Come, Come, Whoever You Are  

These well-known words from a Rumi poem put to music by UU minister, Rev. Lynn Ungar, reminds us that we are a welcoming community of caring people. Even in the midst of transition and change, we still welcome new friends and reconnect with old friends. This will be Rev. Mike's first Sunday service at SFUU.

Worship Leader: Rev. Mike Walker

Worship Associate: John Bowman


August 27: Exploring Along the Way: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?

The UUA proposes five goals for congregations and interim ministers to work on together. They are: honoring the past; illuminating the congregation's identity; clarifying leadership roles and allowing new leaders to emerge; renewing connections with other UU bodies; and enabling the congregation to renew its vision and mission, possibly choosing a new direction in the process. 

Worship Leader:Rev. Mike Walker

Worship Associate: Suzanne Borth