Worship Services



              Services at 10 AM

Worship Theme for May – Making Your Church Work

May 5             We Are All Connected

While there is great diversity among Unitarian Universalist beliefs, one unifying theme is the idea that we are deeply interconnected to one another, to our planet, and to the whole cosmos. What does it meant to recognize and proclaim not only this truth, but its moral implications?                                     

Worship Leader: AJ van Tine, MDiv Worship Associate: Amy Evans

            A Congregational Meeting will follow the service.  This will be your opportunity to vote to Call your next Settled Minister!  Please don’t miss it.


May 12           Love and Sacrifice: Mother’s Day                                       

            Mothers do more than we ever know, to ensure the success of their offspring.  From animal kingdom, to Julia Ward Howe and the social justice origins of the day, to our own families and beyond, we honor all the mothers who have made a difference.

            Flower Ceremony – please bring a flower or two for the altar, to be exchanged during our annual Flower Ceremony.

Worship Leader: Rev. Michael Walker Worship Associate: Meg Dorsey


May 19           Religious Education Service  

Our RE children and youth will lead us in a worship service highlighting their own search for spiritual meaning.                                                  

Worship Leaders: Adrean Dills, DRE and RE children and Youth


May 26           Fallen Heroes: Memorial Day                                             

            For Memorial Day, it seems appropriate to remember those who have died in the service of our country.  We may have very conflicted feelings about the “war on terror” and other wars, national defense as a major industry, and imperialism -- and yet, we can still find it in our hearts to remember and honor those who have fallen

Worship Leader: Rev. Michael Walker .