Message From Our Board President

Radical Hospitality – Not at My House!

      In my head I plan out great parties chez Jenny. This past month I have already done one for St. Patrick’s, one for Easter, and one for a game night. Did you get an imaginary invitation? 

      The plans don’t materialize because the house isn’t clean enough, the dogs are too pesky with guests, or I am afraid no one will come. These worries and fears are keeping me from being more hospitable and depriving me (and my guests) of fun times and building connection.

I know I am not entirely alone in my concerns, and I recently read about someone who got over her hospitality issues by having “Crappy Dinners.”  I am thinking about trying this. She invited her friends to come over to her house to share her life as she actually lived it—no theme dinners, fancy place settings, or attempting to impress.  More like bagel pizzas, wine in a box, and a poodle mix sniffing your crotch.  Her guests loved it, and so did she. 

A radical concept in hospitality – apparently, it’s not about the dust bunnies under the table; it is about the people around it.  That is something I need to wrap my head around.

~ Jenny Ferris

Board of Trustees

SFUU is blessed with strong leaders that make up our board of trustees.  This group, working closely with our ministers, drives the direction and priorities for our church.

Below you can find important congregational documents

         Financial Reports  

Board Meeting Minutes

         Board of Trustees' Covenant of Right Relations

Congregation's Bylaws

Conflict Transformation Document  (includes Peace Resolution, Peace Teams, and Disruptive Behavior Policy)

Submit this application to the Board of Trustees if you want to be a delegate to General Assembly or District Assembly by the deadlines given in the newsletter




Our Board of Trustees for 2018-19 are:

President:               Ian Duncan (

Vice-President:       Maureen Bauman

Secretary:                Kara Bowman

Financial Officer:     Andy Cramer

Trustees-at-Large:   Jason Laderman-Jones, Laura Koerner, and Marsha VonDessoneck

Our Treasurer Linda Snyder acts in a consulting capacity to the board.