Message From Our Board President

“Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team.”

The Lego movie


You are part of the SFUU team and I appreciate all the skills, talents and generosity YOU bring to the team. Like the pieces of Legos, we all have our own purpose and strengths colored by our experience and need to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Things are awesome when you get to be part of that something bigger. I am grateful for the support that this congregation provides one another and look forward to how we navigate the search process with our Ministerial Search Committee and the Board of Trustees supported by Reverend Mike and his experience as a transitional minister in guiding individual churches with their own dynamism through this process.

As the holidays approach I would hope that we chose to do three things. First is to be generous with our spirit of forgiveness, second is to be generous with our time and attention to our own needs, third is to be generously sensitive to the needs of others. Generosity comes in many forms when we build our way towards manifesting a new Minister. In this process, I would hope that the first tenant of the UU covenant would be our guide, the inherent dignity and worth of all people. To me, that means making space for others to be seen and heard who may not be given a platform or who may be introverted or shy about sharing their hopes for the congregation.
Our Congregational survey, that almost 90% (unofficially) responded to, shows our desire to be active and build our blocks together toward our SFUU future. Please know that all the input was received and as we go forth may we be guided by an assumption of best intentions and understanding of the “WE” church where all of us have input as well as finding value in the input of others. My hope is that we move away from the “I” church where “I” must have my way to be a part of this church whether from the pulpit or the pews. We practice a shared ministry to UUnite us.

In gratitiude,

Ian Duncan

 Board of Trustees

SFUU is blessed with strong leaders that make up our board of trustees.  This group, working closely with our ministers, drives the direction and priorities for our church.

Below you can find important congregational documents

         2017-18 Annual Report

Financial Reports  

Board Meeting Minutes

         Board of Trustees' Covenant of Right Relations

Congregation's Bylaws

Conflict Transformation Document  (includes the SFUU Peace-Making Resolution)

Submit this application to the Board of Trustees if you want to be a delegate to General Assembly or District Assembly by the deadlines given in the newsletter




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Our Board of Trustees for 2018-19 are:

President:               Ian Duncan (

Vice-President:       Maureen Bauman

Secretary:                Barb Munn

Financial Officer:     Andy Cramer

Trustees-at-Large:   Jason Laderman-Jones, Laura Koerner, and Marsha VonDessoneck

Our Treasurer Linda Snyder acts in a consulting capacity to the board.