Message From Our Board President


December and January can quite literally be dark times as the hours of sunlight get shorter and shorter until the 21st, when we turn our corner into the light. Our SFUU solstice service will be Thursday, December 20, at 5:00pm. As I shine my own light on the year and the future here at SFUU, my memories took me to a board training we did last spring. The Pacific Western Region shared from Peter Steinke’s “7 Habits of Health-Promoting Leaders”. The reason I share this is that we are all spiritual leaders of our own paths and in community with others along their path. I align with several different aspects, and some I need to work on. As we go forth may we be supported by the web of this community and reach out to others, as well as allow for our own challenges to spur us into community for the love and support we share. Sometimes a conversation is all that is needed. Until we meet again, blessed be.

A Health-promoting leader:

  • Provides guidance and inspiration

  • Practices “Big Picture” remembering

  • Focuses on Strengths

  • Celebrates resources and opens the future

  • Manages conflicts through discovery and affirmation of the largest common values

  • Challenges Self and Others

  • Tolerates pain of growth in self and others

  • Practices the art collaboration and empowerment

  • Practices anticipatory leadership

From: Healthy Congregations : A Systems Approach, Second Edition . 2006 by Peter Steinke

In gratitiude,

Ian Duncan

 Board of Trustees

SFUU is blessed with strong leaders that make up our board of trustees.  This group, working closely with our ministers, drives the direction and priorities for our church.

Below you can find important congregational documents

         2017-18 Annual Report

Financial Reports  

Board Meeting Minutes

         Board of Trustees' Covenant of Right Relations

Congregation's Bylaws (adopted 1/6/2019)

Conflict Transformation Document  (includes the SFUU Peace-Making Resolution)

Submit this application to the Board of Trustees if you want to be a delegate to General Assembly or District Assembly by the deadlines given in the newsletter




board 2018-19 2.jpg

Our Board of Trustees for 2018-19 are:

President:               Ian Duncan (

Vice-President:       Maureen Bauman

Secretary:                Barb Munn

Financial Officer:     Andy Cramer

Trustees-at-Large:   Jason Laderman-Jones, Laura Koerner, and Marsha VonDessoneck

Our Treasurer Linda Snyder acts in a consulting capacity to the board.