Worship Services



              Services at 9 and 11 AM

December 2 Judaic Inspirations: Hanukkah

Rev. Michael Walker and Jason Laderman-Jones

The winter season has so many holidays, from so many different cultures. Today, we explore the miracle-story and celebration of Hanukkah.

December 9 Celebration and Sorrow: Staying Well During the Holidays

Rev. Michael Walker

Wellness is a worthy aspiration for a time of cold weather, but also feasts and candies. Furthermore, we know that the holidays are, for many, a time of joy and reunions with loved ones. For others, it can be a time of sorrow that comes with the loss of a love one prior to this holiday. How do we find the balance – if someone close to us has died in the last year, is there any joy to be found in Christmas? How can we feel both joy and sorrow, and come through the holidays with ourselves intact? Rev. Mike explores ways to help us all stay well, by looking at ways to promote personal wellness, rather than focusing on how to combat depression.

December 16 Warmth in the Winter: Gratitude for Friends and Family

Rev. Michael Walker

Around the world, it is a common tradition for friends and families to gather in the cold months, bringing some warmth and joy to each other’s lives. This service will be a celebration of friends and family. If you have guests in town, please invite them to join us. If not, we hope you are here to share the day with friends and ‘chosen family’ right here at church. Oh, yes, and ugly Christmas sweaters are encouraged…

Thursday, December 20 Winter Solstice

SFUU Friends

5PM Potluck

6PM Solstice Celebration

This annual tradition at SFUU is a lay-led Winter Solstice ritual. Details will be publicized in the eBeacon.

December 23 All Are Welcome: Our Wholly Family Service

Rev. Michael Walker & various members

While some in our society look down on certain people and certain types of families, UUs recognize and honor families of all different configurations. We invite you and your family to this celebration of family in its myriad and rainbow forms. We also welcome here individuals who form chosen families, including among friends at SFUU, filling a need that may otherwise be unfulfilled by their own conservative families. All are welcome here.

Monday, December 24, 5 PM Christmas Eve: A Dickens Christmas

Rev. Michael Walker & various members

Open to all, we come together on Monday, Dec. 24 at 5pm, for a candle-light service filled with readings inspired by Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, as well as many of your favorite carols. This service will be a joint effort by many, including Rev. Mike, members of the Worship Committee, and other members and friends. All are welcome — if you have family visiting, we hope that you will bring them with you. For many members, this is their favorite service of the year.

December 30 Opportunities in the Liminal Spaces and Times

Rev. Michael Walker

The New Year is upon us again, a ‘between’ time, a liminal time of change and renewal. In the ‘between’ times, at the ‘between’ places in our lives, we have a chance to review our course and decide if a course correction is warranted. We can choose to go where life takes us, or we can choose to take the wheel and set our own course. Which is it for you?