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Worship Theme for June – Transitions and Accepting Change

June 2 Getting Out of Our Own Way

As a wrap-up to the UUA’s patented Interim Process, Rev. Mike will bring the interim mission to a close by examining the ups and downs of ministry. Have you ever tripped yourself up, in your efforts to do something? Perhaps it is a more visible phenomenon now, with the current resident of the White House frequently described as causing self-inflicted wounds and crises. Rev. Mike will talk about some of the time his actions got in his own way, and we explore how this phenomenon has appeared in congregational life and how to address it.

Church Picnic at Rec Park follows service

Worship Leader: Rev. Michael Walker Worship Associate: Ian Duncan

June 9 Four Spiritualities: Humanism

In the fourth and final part of the series, Rev. Mike delves into the very heart of Humanism, which was an integral part of the UUA’s Fellowship Movement (from which our congregation arose.) About this voice of faith, Rev. Fred Campbell wrote, “Humanists draw the meaning of living from within our human community. They believe that all knowledge and values come from this source.” The highest power in Humanist theology is the greater community and fellowship of mankind, without reference to any god. Furthermore, it is our collective responsibility to bring good to the world and to all people, because there is no external power to do so.

Congregational Meeting follows service

Worship Leader: Rev. Michael Walker Worship Associate: Amy Evans

June 16 Where is Heaven?

Homo sapiens is anodd and restless species, sometimes endearing, always dangerous. What are they really after? Will they ever find it? If so, where? Starting with some Christian Scripture, we will explore these and other deep questions from the perspective of a UU Buddhist and meditation junkie.

Worship Leader: Jim Robison Worship Associate: Meg Dorsey

June 23 Juneteenth

What were you celebrating on this past Wednesday? If you weren't commemorating the 154th Juneteenth Day (or were unaware you should have been) please join us this Sunday and learn the background and social importance of this non-Hallmark holiday that celebrates one of the most momentous occasions in American history. Our speaker, Gary Simon is the Executive Director of Sacramento Juneteenth Inc.

Worship Leader: Gary Simon Worship Associate: Pattiey Leftridge

June 30 Farewell: Rev. Mike Says Good-bye

Rev. Mike’s final Sunday service at SFUU, this will be a time to say good-bye after two years of collaborative ministry.

Worship Leader: Rev. Michael Walker Worship Associate: Vicky Jungers