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February 3 Why is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary says that Aesthetics “is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of art, beauty, and taste and with the creation and appreciation of beauty.” Emerson professed beauty – especially natural beauty – as a high ideal of the Transcendentalist movement (influential in Unitarian history). These infer that beauty is objective matter, so why do we make it subjective by saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?

Worship Leader: Rev. Michael Walker

February 10 How Does Music Affect the Heart?

Worship Leaders: Patricia Leftridge & Co.

February 17 Imaginal Process as a Way of Making Meaning

The storytellers from all times and cultures have long known that we make meaning of the world in the stories we tell about it. In psychology, Carl Jung is known for (among other things) developing a contemplative process he called active imagination: to take ideas, fleeting thoughts, and dreams, and sit with them in meditation, expanding upon these little things, helping to flesh them out into a bigger thing that tells us a story about ourselves. Stanley Krippner talks about “personal mythology,” the mythos of Self we develop around ourselves, for good or ill. If we can write a negative story, we can also write a positive one, and this we explore today.

Worship Leader: Rev. Michael Walker

February 24 Creativity as a Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practices can take many forms: prayer and meditation, attending Sunday services, reading sacred texts and lectio divina, dancing in the moonlight, chanting sutras. John Muir and Henry David Thoreau both proclaimed their spiritual practice was to hike out into Nature. And some have found that the creative process of developing a work of art can be a spiritually fulfilling and illuminating task. In this month about Art, Music and Beauty, we explore spiritual practices one can follow through one’s own creative process and efforts.

Worship Leader: Joan Lacktis and Trish Ross