Worship Services


Services are at 9 and 11 AM

February 4    I’ll ‘Race’ You to ‘Class’…                                                                   

              This Sunday, we will explore our Unitarian Universalist values as they relate to issues of race and class.  Always, this is a difficult and controversial subject.  Rev. Mike will look at this issue through the lens of life in multicultural cities and by recounting some of his experiences while going through the UUA’s ministerial fellowship process and other parts of his life that have raised his awareness of his own place of privilege in our society

Worship Leader: Rev. Mike Walker


February 11   The Poetry of Resistance

                    The struggle for civil rights and justice for alls has produced a lot of inspiring and moving speeches,  poetry, and music. We will listen and sing words that remind us that even in the darkest of times oppressed people have found words to touch our souls and move us to action.  

Worship Leaders: Joan Lacktis, Val and John Bowman


February 18  A Covenant of Care: What Does it Mean to be in a Covenantal Community?

In this sermon, Rev. Mike explores covenant, a formal and serious agreement that UUs make to life and society.  This is not about a congregation’s Covenant of Right Relations, but rather the overarching concept of covenant, in which our Seven UU Principles are guidelines for the work we do for social justice, community building and fellowship.  UUism is a covenantal faith, and we are a covenantal community, and this is a deeply important part of who we are and how we interact with the world.

  Worship Leader: Rev. Mike Walker                

            There will also be a Congregational Meeting at 10:15 this Sunday.


February 25     Making Room for the “Other”                                                                                          

            As a citizen of a diverse world, one might notice there are more people who are different than us, than people just like us.  Upholding the inherent worth of all, advocating compassion in human relations, and respecting the interdependent web of which we are each a part (three of our UU Principles), calls us to make room for the ‘Other.’  We all have a seat at the table, in the world and even here, in our congregation.

Worship Leader: Rev. Mike Walker