Worship Services



One service at 10 AM through September 2

August 5      Can You Fix Me?     

As summer comes to an end and we contemplate all the work in the year ahead of us, one might ask: Do we really rely on others, and find that starting to look like codependency?  Do we like to help others, to such an extreme that they are unable to help themselves?  As always, finding a balance is important.  This Sunday, Rev. Mike leads an exploration into co-dependency and positive methods for countering its negative effects in one's life.

Worship Leader: Rev. Mike Walker


August 12      Can I Help You?     

Following the exploration of codependency last week, this week we consider further how to help others help themselves.  We consider positive and heartwarming ways of relating to others in our lives.  Reaching out and reaching in -- sharing love with those in our lives in ways that are good for them and for ourselves.

Worship Leader: Rev. Mike Walker


August 19      When 'Spiritual But Not Religious' is not Enough                                            

In the time of our grandparents and further back in  the past, it was taken as a ‘given’ that all people attended church.  That’s just the way it was.  Today, we live in a time when institutionalized religious community is eschewed.  It has become more important for people to pursue their personal spiritual practices, while membership in a church has become unimportant.  The piece that is missing in this modern tendency is community, and the support system that it provides. This is an example of the old cliche, “don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.”  So many people have thrown away their church communities because of their knee-jerk reactions to the idea of a religious institution.

Worship Leader: Rev. Mike Walker


August 26      A Hopeful Journey     

In preparation for SFUU's search for a settled minister, our Ministerial Search Committee has invited a representative of the UUA to lead this service that shows how we can be open to many possibilities, and not get stuck with preconceived notions about what a minister should be like.  Using examples from his life and his work as a lay leader in UU congregations, Eddy will inspire us with an inclusive vision of UUism.  This service will be followed by a UUA-sponsored workshop, "Beyond Categorical Thinking," which is open to all folks associated with SFUU.

Worship Leader: Eddy Carroll