Worship Services



              Services at 9 and 11 AM

October 7 The Circle of Life, Death and Rebirth

While the title is inspired by a fun song from The Lion King, this sermon will be based in Buddhist philosophy and take a deep and serious look at the Circle of Life. Our DRE, Adrean Dills, will be sharing a story about the ‘Wheel of Life’ (Bhava Cakra) in Hindu theology.

Worship Leader: Rev. Mike Walker

Worship Associate: Andy Cramer

October 14 Love’s Surprises

A reflection on what happens when one chaplain seeks to offer and ends up finding for themselves healing and sanctuary in the Intensive Care Nursery. 

Worship Leader: Lauren Way

Worship Associate: VIcky Jungers

October 21 Reflections on the Ages and Stages of Life

Several people in our wider SFUU community, being at various ages and stages of life, have been invited to speak about life, as they know it. More details will be shared in an upcoming eBeacon.

Worship Leader: Rev. Mike and others

October 28 Remembering Our Ancestors

Whether you call this day Hallowe’en or Samhain, Dia de los Muertos or All Souls Day, many cultures have a celebration at this time of year so that people can honor their ancestors and beloved dead. For us, this shall be a service of remembrance for loved ones who have died; you are invited to bring pictures for the altar. The pictures may be of your beloved dead, loved ones of years gone by, or literal or figurative ancestors which have inspired you. (It’s possible that the beloved children’s movie character, Coco, may find its way into this service…)

Worship Leader: Rev. Michael Walker

Worship Associate: Robert Ludgate