Special Programs and Opportunities for Children and Youth

In addition to our regular Sunday Religious Education classes, SFUU offers:

·         Our Whole Lives (OWL) Human Sexuality classes for children and youth in classes specifically designed for each age group. We have a team of trained OWL facilitators in our congregation who donate their time and expertise to facilitating OWL classes for our children and youth during pre-arranged sessions.

·         A Coming of Age Program for youth on alternate years from OWL classes. This is a year-long “rite of passage” program to prepare youth for their journey into more deeply understanding becoming  a young adult Unitarian Universalists.

·         Bridging Ceremonies for our graduating seniors are held at the end of each school year when we have seniors in our youth program. This is a time for the congregation to affirm their support for our youth who will become young adult UU members.

·         Intergenerational Services: There are many opportunities for our children and youth to participate in services involving the entire congregation. Our co-ministers arrange for specific children and/or youth to assist during these services as appropriate.

·         Special Children and Youth Services: Twice a year, once during the winter holidays and again at the end of our regular R.E. Class year, children and youth prepare and lead services for the congregation. The winter holiday service is usually a celebration of the many faiths and traditions which are celebrated in our congregation and in our communities, during that time of year. The End of the Year R.E. led service is a time for our children and youth to share what they have been studying during the year.

·         Faith in Action: As part of the regular R.E. Tapestry of Faith Curriculum, there are opportunities for children and youth to become engaged in and plan activities that involve the entire congregation and/or outreach and engagement with the broader community in which they live.