Special Programs and Opportunities for Children and Youth

In addition to our regular Sunday Religious Education classes, SFUU offers:

·         Our Whole Lives (OWL) Human Sexuality classes for children and youth in classes specifically designed for each age group. We have a team of trained OWL facilitators in our congregation who donate their time and expertise to facilitating OWL classes for our children and youth during pre-arranged sessions.

·         A Coming of Age Program for youth on alternate years from OWL classes. This is a year-long “rite of passage” program to prepare youth for their journey into more deeply understanding becoming  a young adult Unitarian Universalists.

·         Bridging Ceremonies for our graduating seniors are held at the end of each school year when we have seniors in our youth program. This is a time for the congregation to affirm their support for our youth who will become young adult UU members.

·         Intergenerational Services: There are many opportunities for our children and youth to participate in services involving the entire congregation. Our minister arranges for specific children and/or youth to assist during these services as appropriate.

·         Faith in Action: As part of the regular R.E. Tapestry of Faith Curriculum, there are opportunities for children and youth to become engaged in and plan activities that involve the entire congregation and/or outreach and engagement with the broader community in which they live.