Volunteering in the Childrens' R.E. Program:

The Religious Education Program requires involvement and commitment from the entire SFUU congregation if the mission of SFUU, to “build beloved community that respects diversities as we nourish the spirit, care for the earth, and inspire faithful acts of peace and justice” is to be fully realized. It is only through sharing the knowledge of Unitarian Universalism and its principles with our young people that the mission of SFUU can truly be sustained as we go forward. 

There are many ways the congregation may be involved and commit to the R.E. program:

·         Volunteer as a teacher or assistant – The program depends on active participation of congregation members as teachers and mentors for our children and youth. Volunteers go through an interview selection process and background screening to make sure they’re a good fit for the program, and their teaching commitment is sustainable over an agreed-upon period of time. Once you have been selected as a volunteer teacher or assistant, go to (link) to sign up on the teaching schedule.

·         Assist with extra-curricular events – Get to know our children and youth during field trips, social action activities, and special functions such as the Creek Clean-up for Earth Day, as well as visits and volunteer work in the community.

·         Become a member of the R.E. Committee – Congregation members are welcome to sit in on an R.E. meeting and participate as one of the committee members if there are vacancies to fill, and criteria are met.

·         Grandparent story readers for child care – If you would like to read stories to our youngest members, we welcome your participation. Please arrange this ahead of time with the DIrector of Religious Education.

If you’re interested in teaching or assisting in R.E. please contact DRE, Adrean DIlls at DRE@mysfuu.org to set up a time to talk about the opportunities for teaching or assisting.