Member Stories

Find out about some of our SFUU members- how they got here, what matters to them, what they love about SFUU

Vicky Jungers

People often ask, what brought you to SFUU. For the me answer is easy. Free childcare! Now before you consider me shallow, take into account I was the mother of a two year old, pregnant with my second child, and living in a new town with my husband, running our own business. As such, there were few opportunities to meet new people and expand my circle of friends. I remember one day picking up the Auburn Journal and seeing that there was a UU church here!When I saw that the meeting time was at 4:00pm on Sundays I knew I had to go! It was prime football watching time, my hubby would be content, and I realized that for at least an hour I could perhaps rejuvenate my soul, meet new people, and for a blessed hour or so I could be…child free! What a deal! So off I went, and the rest is history.

SFUU has become far more to me than a place to receive free child care. It has become a highly necessary element in my life circle. Through SFUU I came to truly embrace and understand my love of the UU faith. Although I was a teenage UU/LRY’er, it had been a long time since I had been to a UU church. But the day I heard a sermon by Rev. Sam Wright who said “This is a faith that works harder to get heaven into people, than people into heaven” I knew I had come home. Since that day in 1994, I have stretched my own boundaries by being both a lay leader and sermon speaker, working with our children as DRE, and finding spiritual balm for my soul, through the many gifted ministers, speakers and lay leaders who have shared their time and inspirational thoughts with us. SFUU offers so much to so many, and it is a place to spread your wings. Regardless of the religious journey that brings someone to our doors, we have so much to offer folks on that journey, many easily find a spiritual home here with us. I am forever changed, and grateful.  - Vicky Jungers