Adult Religious Education

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The Adult Programs/Religious Education Committee is deeply engaged in reviewing our current programs and considering the religious education needs of adults in our SFUU community. We know that shared wisdom, experiences, and stories are valuable in the quest to build beloved community. We want to assist you share your wonderful ideas and your teaching expertise in bringing us opportunities to live into these aspirations.

If you have an idea for an Adult RE offering, please contact Jan Lowry, The Adult RE Proposal Form will help you think through some of the various details of leading a class or program here. Listed below are some of the programs and classes currently offered at SFUU. 

When our congregation co-created and then adopted a new mission statement in the spring of 2014, it was clear that community was central to many people’s experience of being part of SFUU. And so it begins, “Our mission is to create beloved community that respects diversities.” Community isn’t a static entity … it changes each time that a new person arrives, someone moves away or dies or when we change roles. The phrase “beloved community” was first used by Josiah Royce, a philosopher-theologian from the early 20th century, and was made famous by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It affirms a spirit of humanity where all are known and loved. Beloved community isn’t a commodity … it will never go on sale at your local department store or be found on shelves in brightly colored boxes.  It is created in the spaces and conversations between us, in our hearts, and with our hands. 

Forums, Classes, and Events

We are working on some thought-provoking forums for the fall but would like more involvement from the congregation. If you have been thinking about getting more involved, please consider taking a look at Adult RE. We meet the 2nd Tuesday from 6:30-8:00pm and could really use some more support. Our next meeting is September 11 at SFUU. Contact: Jan Lowry, Chairman,


Second Sunday Forums

Rapid Response Training-Part 2

Thursday, November 8 , 6 PM This second session, dedicated to learning about how to help respond and be present during ICE encounters in our communities, will be held on Thursday, November 8, at 6pm at SFUU. While Part 1 was largely an introduction to legal information and community resources, Part 2 will be more hands on preparation to become Legal/Moral Observers to Witness, Accompany and Advocate for our immigrant brothers and sisters in our community, as well as how to respond and be present during ICE encounters at homes and workplaces. Be a part of the team of First Responders at the site of an ICE raid and connect the families affected with the resources for social and legal services available to them. Also, after the training you will be able to document any abuses during encounters, and help build visibility by giving a real face to deportations and gathering information about who is being affected. OR, if you don't want to be a First Responder, you can join the Accompaniment Team and play a supporting role in assisting families who are affected by raids and detentions--they may need rides to appointments, food, help connecting to services or other supportive help. Contact Javier Rivera for more information.

Deepening Conversations

The(*)logies on Tap

We gather to share different views and different brews, as we have conversations about spirituality and other things that matter.

    November 21, 7-9pm,  Fun  Night                

     December 19, 7-9pm,  Gratitude

              Location alternates between Auburn and Rocklin, see eBeacon for details

Hosts: Bill Boyce & Andy Cramer

Ongoing Programs

Men’s Group  

Meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. 

This group provides personal sharing and conversation, and is open to anyone who identifies as male.  Simply come to one of our meetings and/or for more information contact Jim Robison at   

Meditation Group

SFUU Friday morning meditation group. Contact Jim Robison for information.