Simplify, Simplify

Thank you for attending this March 17, 2019 worship service!

AND, the Green Team thanks those of you who signed up to learn more about Simplicity Circles and already contributed ideas and resources related to voluntary simplicity.

This Sunday Worship Service explored the spiritual practice of living lightly on the Earth through voluntary simplicity.  Voluntary simplicity speaks to our mission of caring for the Earth, but also works to nourish the spirit.  During this service SFUU members Barb Munn and Kelly Chandler shared their spiritual journeys toward simplicity, inspired by her deep commitment towards our planet and the challenges being presented by climate change. If you missed this service, click here for a transcript of the entire the service; and see to the right for some audio from the service.

Green Team member and Worship Leader for this project: Barb Munn (Worship Associate was Meg Dorsey)


If you are interested in joining a simplicity circle, please contact an Adult RE committee member (friends and acquaintances are welcome): Jan Lowry George Lowry, Janie Evans, Robert Archer

During this service Kelly Chandler spoke about her niece (Katy) who is living sustainably through radical simplicity. Click here to learn more about their Be the Change Project in Reno.

Click here for general information about simplicity: