Where Does Our Waste Go?

Members of the Green Team toured the Materials Reclamation Facility (MRF) in the Spring 2018

The Children’s RE lesson about the MRF was completed on August 19, 2018

Thank you for attending this March10, 2019 forum! Plans are in the works for a MRF field trip.

The object of this project is to increase awareness in both children and adults about the amount of waste that is created in our community, as well as where it goes once it leaves our residences and businesses.  This project involves two components: educating the Green Sanctuary team about the local Materials Reclamation Facility (MRF), then using the information gained to develop a children’s religious education (RE) lesson about MRF, a forum for adults about MRF, and finally organizing a field trip to the MRF for all member of SFUU.

Members of the Green Sanctuary team went on the MRF field trip to determine the feasibility of bringing the children, youth and adults to the facility and to gather information to use for the children’s RE class and adult RE forum.  The children’s RE lesson and adult forum will present what the MRF does with our the waste and will promote discussion about what we can do to reduce waste production both personally and in our church community.

Green Team Leader for this project: Marsha von Dessonneck

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Click here for information about Climate Change and Waste from the archives of the US Environmental Protection Agency